MBI Systems Corporation


Dallas / Fort Worth

Phone: 214-256-5787

Dale Warner,

Dale is an information technology professional with experience in software development and project management dating back to 1980.  He specializes in tailoring technology to meet the unique needs of a business situation.  He founded MBI Systems Corporation in 1988 to provide custom software solutions to small business, and is a graduate of Computer Processing Institute in East Hartford, Connecticut with a specialty in Business Computer Programming.

Richard Kilgore, Senior Technology Consultant


Richard Kilgore gets passionate about helping business owners succeed.  He's proven himself time and again by using technology, people and common sense to improve operations, control costs and drive profitability.  Because of his unique background and grasp of technology, Richard's especially adept at explaining technical solutions in a way that makes sense to tech-savvy and non-technical people.

Bruce Brinick, EVP of Strategic Planning

Bruce is a result and detail-oriented business leader. He's equally comfortable navigating from big picture to intricate detail or vice versa.  Adept at strategic planning, team-building, project planning, complex project management and negotiations, Bruce brings more than thirty years of business and technology consulting experience in the areas of software development, product development, marketing and quality assurance for retail, telecommunications, insurance, physics research and both state and local government industries.