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It's a slogan.  But it really is the way we approach providing Custom Business Solutions for our clients.  MBI's Richard Kilgore discusses - a Common Sense approach to Technology.

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Featured Video: Browser-Based Game Development Technical Challenges

Dale Warner discusses the development of PlayTexas42.com, a website where four players can play Texas 42 using only a web browser on a PC, table, or phone.  He addresses a technical challenge necessary for game play - having each player's game surface update when a player moves.  Finally, he discusses other practical uses for this technology.

The game was developed using DNN Sharp Modules like Action Grid and Action Form, which are core components of the App Builder.

MBI Systems recommends Low-Code solutions like App Builder to allow the focus of custom development to be on quickly accomplishing the project objectives.

You can play the game with three friends using Start a Game, or you can take a seat at our demo game (Seat 1 - Seat 2 - Seat 3 - Seat 4).  If you use the demo game, take multiple seats so you can see the game surface update as you play.